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For over 20 years FWCG has specialized in determining armor requirements for US Fortune 200 firms and then managing the project. In every case, we have saved the client company a multiple of our fee through establishing proper specifications, correct in-market vehicle selections and writing/evaluating the bid specifications.

We then offer to manage the project to insure our clients get what they need AND what they paid for: in the armoring Buyer-Beware business, this is not always the case.

We have helped many Security Directors and CEO’s to take proactive security steps and operate successfully within established corporate guidelines: we can do the same for you. It costs nothing to call us and see if we can save you and your firm time and money.

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June 2008

World Armor Market Survey

As many of you know, we are the exclusive publishers of this world overview since 1999. We have sold the material in total form for years and decided to assist our segmented audience this year by dividing the information into basic areas of interest. We will continue to offer the Survey in full as well as in the segments outlined below.

We always include Conference Call time with the full survey data (one hour) as we believe  our perspective is helpful in understanding the data: we will offer this for the segments as well (half-hour).

SEGMENT 1: World Armor Market Overview

We look at supply and demand and product sales by area of the world and ballistic levels, who is buying the vehicles and most popular units to armor.

SEGMENT 2: Suppliers - Issues and Opportunities

Glass and opaque suppliers noted, detailed and ranked: new technology on-stream and current issues/challenges. Also included is our section on Blast Defeat.

SEGMENT3: World Market Trends

Ranking and overview by handgun and rifle levels of highest armor sales markets with forecasts.

SEGMENT4: Manufacturers (OEMs) and Independents

Factory armor programs, outsourcing, product plans as revealed, and world rankings by volume by armor level.


Stanag requirements, industry & live fire standards, new materials and techniques, business case considerations for suppliers and armorers. 

SUMMER OF 2008:  Segment pricing is $695.00 including the conference call and Bonus Segment. Full survey pricing, with data from 2005 through current, is now reduced to $2495.

With purchase of full survey or any segment, we will include the Bonus Segment at no charge.

May 2008: The O’Gara’s re-enter the armoring business?

The former owners of O’Gara, Hess & Eisenhardt Armoring that sold to Armor Holdings Inc ( changed to Centigon and now sold to BAE Systems) are rumored to have purchased an armoring company in  Mexico in pursuit of US Gov’t armor business. Nothing is confirmed to date: more later.

March 2008: Letter brothers purchase armoring division.

The Letter brothers, owners of Carat-Duchatelet International in Belgium, have purchased the commercial armoring division of BAE Systems, formerly known as Centigon. No plans or have been announced: management in place- Mr. C. H. Letter, C.E.O., will be joined by Mr. John F. Gregg, Chairman, Mr. Thomas M. Letter, President, and Mr. Gary Allen, Executive Vice-President Operations.


February 2008: WBA (Mexico) President announced GM deal.

WBA President Thomas Betman announced a deal with General Motors deVenezuela as the “factory”armorer for SUV’s”. Plans are to armor one vehicle line ‘in plant’: those vehicles will be delivered to their retail dealers with a full factory warranty on the vehicle and the armor. WBA has additional OE armoring business with VW, BWM and Toyota in various
Latin markets.

January 08: Ballistic glass manufacturers feel sales pressure.

Ballistic glass manufacturers are feeling additional sales pressure due to the exchange rates vs. the falling US dollar. AGP, the world’s largest ballistic glass producer has reported increased sales and experienced impacted margins within heightened competition in South American markets.

Through FWCG, you can access specific security services located in-country for outsourced assignments. The teams are hand chosen for particular expertise and can supplement your resources or do internal assignments, as their identities are unknown to your people. Some benefits to consider are:

Lower costs – some companies don’t need a 24/7 security department. The sum of salary costs + expenses + infra-structure cannot be justified by management. Often, as a stop-gap measure, security tasks get assigned to someone who is not a specialist and efficiency is dubious;

Better quality – a group of specialists with wide experience for particular situations including – but not limited to - personal and corporate security, fraud, kidnapping. etc providing the client a better service

Bulk purchasing – companies can buy together and have better deals;

Compensate internal lack of resources.

IF this is of interest to you, please contact us at (954) 428-8228, and we will arrange for direct principal contact in complete confidence....

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